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HD Video Distribution

Distribution of High Definition video around the house allows everyone to enjoy the best possible HD picture quality in every room in the house.

Our solutions range from distribution of Sky satellite TV or cable TV around the property in HD, or a full matrix switched solutions providing multiple HD sources such as multiple Sky boxes, an Apple TV, a Blu-ray player to multiple rooms with seamless control and bullet proof reliability.

Multi Room Audio

We provide a range of multi room audio options that meet all budgets and performance requirements.

Enjoy the flexibility that allows different users to play different music in different rooms at the same time, or play the same music throughout the house.

Control the system from the tablet, smartphone or small discrete keypads.

Our multi room audio solution can scale to very large systems with many indoor or outdoor zones, or can scale down to just a few zones in a small dwelling.

Home Automation

We offer an advanced control system that can be programmed to provide various automation tasks.

The rules based engine can trigger an automation task by time of day, at sunrise, sunset, by user command or many other mechanisms.

Control your audio video system, lighting and heating from one platform.

Fully customizable GUI (Graphical User Interface) provides a vital link between human and machine. The intuitive touchscreen design allows any non-technical minded individual to operate the system with ease.

Structured Cabling/Networking

Every home must have a backbone infrastructure for the cabling to provide a reliable and robust network.

Category 5/6 cables are star wired from a central location out to key points around the property.

These cables create the digital plumbing of the home and allow telephone, internet, video and control signals to flow around the property.

The property must have a structured cabling backbone to allow the other capabilities to operate and allow the home owner to have telephone services, computer networking and HD video distribution.

Electronic Security

We offer a range of wired and wireless alarm systems which can also be configured to alert you via your mobile phone in an alarm event.

We also design, supply and install HD analogue and IP CCTV systems to suit every budget.

Furthermore, we can set them up for you to be viewed on your smart phone/ tablet or PC and also integrate in your home A/V system.

Home Theatre

Home Theatre solutions often have many video and audio sources providing access to Satellite TV, Cable TV, Blu-ray and Apple TV to name but a few.

With our smart control solution, a single touchscreen such as an iPad can control all these devices avoiding the need for many remote controls and making the system easy for anyone to use.

Of course, home theatre speakers play a key role and can be wall mounted or ceiling mounted to provide the full surround sound experience. These speakers can be ultra-low profile or even invisible with the plaster over range.

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