The first step is to think about what you want to get out of the system.


Home theatre?  HD video distribution? Multi room audio?  Structured Cabling?


With some features, such as multi room audio, you can cable for all rooms but perhaps the budget may only allow you to activate this in a subset of rooms initially and add the other rooms later. Features such as Energy Management need to be defined at the beginning.

Also think about what budget you want to allocate to the smart home technology within your project.

Once you have thought through some of these options, we can capture your requirements and start the process and create an initial proposal.

Once a final solution has been agreed that fits your budget, a cable plan can be produced to ensure the right cables are put in the right places at first fix.

Installation engineers will carry out second fix of the equipment, and when the building is ready it will be commissioned and programmed to meet your requirements.

Times must allow for a handover ensuring you get the most out of the system.

As you use the system, you will think of more ways that each feature can be adapted to meet your lifestyle.

The aftersales services packages will allow you to take advantage of the intelligence built into the property allowing the system to grow as your requirements adapt.

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